About Kist Company

“Kist Company sells traditional kists for the traditional wedding. Our products are of exceptional quality and pride ourselves in delivering on time and to make our bride proud when she displays her kist to the family. The contribution we provide to the bride and groom makes our business rewarding and personal. 
In 2022 we are happy to open our factory storage unit at Giba Gorge Business Park near the N3 in Pinetown. We have a wide range of kists ready for you to choose and collect. No need to order,  just cash and carry!

Why choose us?


We can deliver your Kist to you, even if you are in Johannesburg.


Our Kists are manufactured in South Africa by the finest craftsmen.


We put our customers budgets first and help you choose a Kist that best suits you.


We are committed to giving our customers a dedicated service.